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Arashimaya-bamboo-forest, the arashiyama bamboo grove is one of kyoto’s top sights and for good reason: standing amid these soaring stalks of bamboo is like being in another world.. Arashiyama’s sagano bamboo forest, or bamboo grove, is both locally famous and world-renowned. visitors can stroll paths lined with endless rows of towering bamboo. the experience has been described as other-worldly, serene, and dreamlike., arashiyama is famous for its sagano romantic train ride, whether during spring for its cherry blossoms or autumn for the brilliant colors of its maple leaves. it is also renowned for its landmark bridge, togetsukyo which is used in many tourist promotion photos. however, there is another place that stands out and is equally as charming..

The bamboo grove is located in the arashiyama area of kyoto. this isn’t really what you’d call central kyoto where many of kyoto’s top attractions are located, and you could even call it the outskirts of kyoto. is the bamboo forest the only reason to go to this part of kyoto?!, the best time to visit arashiyama bamboo forest. visiting the bamboo forest is a must even if you only have one day in kyoto – this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city which means that most probably the forest will be packed with tourists.-> read more about japan here..

Arashiyama bamboo forest is a magical place to visit. the forest covers a fairly large area, and is basically located in a densely populated urban area. due to the high density of the bamboo plants one feels far away from urban life when wandering the curved paths between the huge plants.